Gathered Ancient Images of Set
The god Set (aka Seth) has been much of a puzzlement to Egyptologists. If we go with the attitude of later Egyptians, we find Set blamed for every misfortune that can befall humanity. However, if we go with the attitude of earlier times, in particular the Ramesside period, when Egypt was at its peak in prosperity, we find a completely different picture. For we find a god who was very much adored. Most of the surviving imagery is from that period, although even in Ptolemic and Roman times we occasionally find a piece which was a part of worship and magical rites. It's my goal to find all his imagery and bring it together, thereby shedding new light on this god, called "great of strength" and "great of magic" in ancient times.

Predynastic Images



She Who Sees Horus & Set

Kharga Rock/Dakhleh Oasis

Stela of "Set is Beautiful"

Set Hieroglyphs

Within Cartouches, Etc.

Set Glyphs - Open Air Museum

Seal Amulets 4th-11 Dyn

Set & Sopdu

Early Was Scepters

Two from Senwosret III

Set & Horus Uniting the Lands

12th Dyn. Pectoral

Middle Kingdom Wands

2nd Intermediate Period

Set Gives Life to Horus

Nakht and Set

N.K. Plaques

From Naqada Temple

Set Gives Life to Hatshepsut

Set & Thutmose III @ Karnak

Was Scepters, N.K. onwards

Set Teaches Thutmose III Archery

Tomb of Thutmose III

Set At Medinet Habu
Rameses III w/ Nut & Set

N.K. Scaraboid Amulets

Set & Horus Reconciled

Stela of Amaini

Ramesside Amulets

Seti I

Small Amulets

Set Headed Sphinxes

Stele of Aapehty

Tomb of Seti I

Set & Ramses II

400 Years Stela

Set With Nephthys

Possible Frame for Inlays?

N.K. Ostraca

Set & Horus Blessing the Pharoah

Winged Set with Spear

Scarabs from Medinet Habu

Bronze Set

Small Slate Stela


Spearing Apep

Descriptions and...

Passable Possibles

Late Period Amulet

Pulling the Solar Barque

Roman Magical Papyrus

Set w/ Sun Disc

At Bubastis

At Nubia

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Research Paper: Egyptian Serpent Power - (Revised July 2010)

Research Paper: Sethian Gnosticism

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