Small Amulets of Set, Standing

Two small bronze amulets of Set, one worn as pendant, from TeVelde

Amulet at the Berlin museum, via Erman, 1909, is this same one in TeVelde's photo?

The British Museum has an amulet pendant very similar to the one TeVelde shows:

Bronze amuletic figure of Seth wearing the double crown; traces of gilt; suspension ring behind the head
Excavated/Findspot Tomb of Ani, Ramesside Period
Height: 6.18 centimetres, Width: 1.5 centimetres, Depth: 2.06 centimetres
Acquisition date: 1891, Registration number: 1891,0509.68, BM/Big number: 22897
Purchased through Sir Ernest A T Wallis Budge

This pendant is just under 2 1/2 inches.

These pendants may not have been that rare. The Petrie Museum has one, about two inches:

"Standing figure of Seth, left foot advanced, hands by his side, wearing the Crown of Upper and Lower Egypt,
the tripartite wig and pleated shendit. On flat footplate, with a suspension ring behind the Crown."
Height 5.2 cms width 1.3 cms
Period - Dynasty 1 ? (2890BCE-3100BCE) till Dynasty 30 (343BCE-380BCE)
Petrie Museum UC8256

Liverpool Museum, via GEM shows a damaged bronze Set, that is also only over two inches tall. As the GEM website describes, "A small bronze figure of the god Seth. He wears the double crown and stands with the left leg striding forward, both arms at his sides. The torso and kilt are well detailed. There is a loop at the back of the crown for suspension."
LIVERPOOL MUSEUM [03/061], 56.22.509
International Inventory number03/061/4137
New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty, Cast bronze, 5.5cm
Originally in the private Danson collection, the figure was purchased from the Castle Museum, Norwich, in 1956.

The Louvre Museum has an amulet pendant which is not even an inch tall, but appears to be made of gold:

Amulettes au nom de Iâhhétep : le dieu Seth, E 7659
H. : 2 cm. ; L. : 0,55 cm. ; Pr. : 0,80 cm.
Le Nouvel Empire (New Kingdom), 18th Dynasty

These photos is by a colleague who calls himself "Setken"
It is a small faience amulet, in the Cairo Museum
There was no info card regarding this piece, but I would surmise it is from the New Kingdom.