Set with Nephthys
New Kingdom, Reign of Ramses II, (1279BCE-1213BCE)

This photo features readable text:
"Il est le trés puissant maître des déserts, des montagnes et des pays étrangers, le seigneur des orages..."
(He is the very powerful master of deserts, mountains and foreign countries, the lord of thunderstorms...")
These photos © J. Chen

Photo © Heidi Kontkanon

Photo © Heidi Kontkanon, We can see the Accession # here, Louvre E3374

Photo © Kirsti Häkkilä, Side view photo with Nephthys more visible.
(Statue above is of Selket)

According to TeVelde, we know this is Nephthys because her name is inscribed on the back. Why is she so much smaller than Set? The typical answer given is because she was seen as having lesser importance. But it simply could be that's all the bigger piece of stone the sculptor had, and he'd rather put her in than not have her.

Also see the reliefs of Set and Nephthys at Karnak.