Set and Horus Reconciled

"HORUS AND SET RECONCILED" Brussels Museum of Art and History via GEM
Engraved faience, Not before NEW KINGDOM, not after 19TH DYNASTY?

From the GEM site:
"The blue enamel seal takes the form of a cartouche representing Seth and Horus holding hands. The two gods with the heads of falcons are wearing the double crown of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. They are surmounting the hieroglyphic sign signifying gold. The handle of the seal is the transposition, in faience, of vegetable stalks tied together. The material indicates that it is probably an amulet..."

the back side of this amulet...

You can see where the necklace chain or rope would go through. I differ from the museum description, for I think the figure on the left looks to be more falcon headed and the figure on the right to have more of the Set animal snout. Also, I wonder if the 'vegetable stalks' have another meaning, perhaps a rainbow?

The British Museum has a similar amulet described by Carol Andrews in _Amulets of Ancient Egypt_, page 54: "Turquoise-blue glazed-composition bundle-backed seal. The underside shows Seth and a falcon-headed god wearing a disc. L 5.3cm, NK."

The museum website photo, from which my crop derives, only shows one side.

As I was looking at one of my textbooks concerning Ancient Egypt, I came across this interesting passage, from "The Prophecies of Neferty". Neferty describes "the land in distress", when invaders have come in and made a mess of things. "But then..." things will be made right.

But then there shall come a king from the south.
His name will be Ameny, justified.
He will be the son of a woman of Ta-Sety,
An offspring of the royal house of Nekhen.
He shall receive the White Crown,
He shall wear the Red Crown;
He shall unite the Two Powers,
He shall satisfy the Two Lords with that which they desire,
For the field-encircler will be in his grasp,
The oar in his control.
/The people of his time will rejoice,
For this son of a man will establish his name for ever and eternity.
-The Prophecies of Neferty, __The Literature of Ancient Egypt_,
edited by William Kelly Simpson, pages 219-220

Editor Simpson explains:
"The Two Powers and the Two Lords refer to Horus and Seth as protecting deities of Upper and Lower Egypt."

"The sole complete copy of this text is preserved on Papyrus St. Petersburg 1116B and dates from the Eighteenth Dynasty, although smaller portions have been found on ostraca and two writing tablets. The original text was written purportedly during the reign or after the death of Amenemhet I of the Twelfth Dynasty."
__The Literature of Ancient Egypt_, edited by William Kelly Simpson, page 214

I found another amulet which appears to have the 'reconciling' theme, this in W.M. Flinders Petrie's _HYKSOS AND ISRAELITE CITIES_:

From plate XXXVII - Saft (Goshen) and Gheyta, Scarabs,
Reused in the Cemetary of Gheyta

"Cream steatite scarab with incised design on base:
figures of Seth and Horus with sun disc (or Re-Harakhty) with hands joined facing to the left."
Period - XIX dynasty?
height 1.3 cms length 1 cms width cms diameter cms
Petrie Museum UC29001